You love technology and are always curious about the latest platforms and tools. One name that keeps popping up is Salesforce. You’ve heard it’s the #1 customer relationship management platform and companies everywhere are using it. There is endless opportunity in this field and here are 7 Salesforce Developer Courses to learn Salesforce in 2023.

Adviteya E-solution Salesforce Development Course

Adviteya E-solutions offers 90 hours of comprehensive Salesforce Training in Jaipur. You can become a Certified Salesforce Developer in no time. Their customized program teaches you the skills and knowledge to build custom applications on the Salesforce platform.

Through interactive sessions and hands-on projects, you’ll learn to develop and deploy custom objects, tabs, applications, and Visualforce pages. Adviteya E-solutions course covers all topics recommended by Salesforce to become a proficient platform developer. Their experienced instructors give you personalized guidance and advice for your learning needs and career goals.

Some of the specific topics covered include:

The course material is frequently updated to match the latest Salesforce releases and industry standards. Adviteya E-solutions strives to give students the most up-to-date and comprehensive Salesforce developer training.

Coursera Salesforce Development Course

The Coursera Salesforce development course is a great way to learn the basics and start your journey to becoming a Salesforce developer. This hands-on course covers Salesforce fundamentals like the Lightning platform, Apex programming, and Visualforce. You’ll learn how to build apps, custom objects, and interfaces. The interactive content includes video lectures, demos, and plenty of practice exercises to help the lessons sink in.

By the end, you’ll understand Salesforce well enough to earn credentials like Salesforce Certified Administrator. The skills you learn will prepare you for an exciting new career as a Salesforce developer or consultant.

The Coursera courses provide a flexible, affordable way to learn in-demand tech skills. You can access video lectures and materials anytime, and courses are available for both beginners and more advanced learners. Why not check out the Salesforce development specialization and start upgrading your skills today? The opportunities in this field are growing fast, so now is the perfect time to take that first step.

Aptech Salesforce Development Course

The Aptech Salesforce developer training is designed to transform you into a Salesforce Developer. Over six months, you’ll learn how to build custom applications on the Salesforce platform and prepare for the Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I credential.

Aptech is an official Salesforce training partner, so you’ll learn from certified instructors with real-world experience. The course covers:

With a combination of live online training, self-study, and hands-on projects, you’ll get plenty of practice building real solutions on Salesforce. You’ll also have access to Aptech’s library of course materials, sandbox environments to build in, and instructor support.

Croma Campus Salesforce Development Course

Croma Campus offers a comprehensive Salesforce Developer Certification course designed by Salesforce experts. Their training focuses on the advanced capabilities of the Salesforce platform. The curriculum covers everything from database modeling and Apex coding to Visualforce interfaces and web services.

Hands-on Learning:

The course provides hands-on experience building real-world Salesforce applications. You’ll get to develop custom objects, create complex validation rules, build custom tabs and apps, and integrate Salesforce with third-party systems. By the end of the course, you’ll have built multiple projects to add to your portfolio.

Expert Instructors:

Croma Campus has a team of certified Salesforce instructors with years of real-world experience. They stay up-to-date with the latest releases and best practices to provide the most relevant and effective training. The small class sizes also allow for individual attention and mentoring.

Career Support:

In addition to training, Croma Campus offers career support to help you land your first job as a Salesforce developer. They provide resume and interview prep as well as connections to employers looking to hire. Many of their graduates have gone on to work for major tech companies and startups.

CRS Info Solutions Salesforce Development Course

CRS Info Solutions offers an excellent online Salesforce development training program. Their course provides hands-on experience building real Salesforce projects, allowing you to gain practical skills.

Comprehensive Curriculum:

CRS covers both admin and developer topics. You’ll learn how to configure Salesforce, build custom apps, integrate with third-party services, and develop Apex triggers and Visualforce pages. The curriculum includes:

Real-World Experience:

Instead of just watching videos, you’ll work on actual business projects in a sandbox environment. This gives you real experience designing, developing, testing, and deploying Salesforce solutions. You can add these projects to your portfolio to showcase your abilities to potential employers.

Affordable Pricing:

CRS offers very affordable online courses. This includes all course materials, projects, and instructor support. They frequently run promotions offering up to 50% off enrollment fees, so be on the lookout for discount codes to save money on your training.

Henry Harvin Salesforce Development Course

The Henry Harvin Salesforce Development course is designed to turn you into a Salesforce developer. Over 38 hours of live online classes, their expert instructors will teach you how to build custom applications on the Salesforce platform.

You’ll learn through interactive lectures and hands-on assignments where you actually build real projects. Some of the projects you’ll work on include:

By the end of the course, you’ll have the skills and experience to become a Salesforce Developer. You’ll also get help preparing for the Salesforce Developer certification exam.

The curriculum is constantly updated to keep up with the latest Salesforce releases and industry trends. Henry Harvin only hires instructors with real-world experience implementing Salesforce solutions.

iGATE Salesforce Development Course

The iGATE Salesforce development course is a great option if you want to become a Salesforce developer. This online course teaches you how to build custom apps, automate business processes, and customize the Salesforce platform.

Course Content:

The course covers the basics of the Salesforce platform, including standard objects like accounts, contacts, leads, and opportunities. You’ll learn how to build custom objects, create page layouts, and automate business logic using workflows, approvals, and process builders. The course also covers Visualforce, Apex coding, and Lightning components so you can build custom interfaces and applications on the Salesforce platform.

Instructor Support:

The course provides access to experienced Salesforce developers who can answer your questions and provide guidance. They hold live virtual sessions to review key concepts and walk through the hands-on projects. You can also ask questions through the online course portal and typically receive a response within 24 hours.

The iGATE Salesforce development course provides a comprehensive introduction to becoming a Salesforce developer. With the hands-on projects, instructor support, and certification prep, this course gives you everything you need to start a career as a Salesforce developer.


Whether you prefer video courses, interactive coding challenges, or hands-on projects, there are options for every learning style. Make 2023 the year you gain a new skill that can open up more job opportunities and increase your earning potential. What are you waiting for? Dive in and start doing salesforce developer training in Jaipur. The future you will thank you for it!