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Step into the world of Adviteya E-solutions, where we redefine corporate training. Our training services aren't just about ticking boxes. They're about sculpting your team into a powerhouse of skills.

Industry-Expert Salesforce Training

Our Salesforce training, led by industry experts, is like having pros show you the ropes. Whether you're in sales, customer service, or another role. This training is designed to make using Salesforce easy and effective for your job. You'll get real experience and valuable tips from experts in your field.

Easy Employee Onboarding

We make it easy for new team members to fit right in with our simple orientation and onboarding plans. We also help our clients hire people from the country to meet certain goals. Plus, we help these new hires become really good at their jobs and important assets to the company.

Leadership Boost

We make programs that help leaders plan where the company is heading, improve how things work, and make big changes in the organization. Our leadership programs are made to teach the skills leaders need in the business world. We work with you to create leaders who are involved, good at what they do, and have a positive impact as role models.

Strengths-Focused Training Approach

We have a special way of training employees that focuses on developing their natural strengths instead of fixing weaknesses. Our training program follows the standard Strength models and works really well for building leadership and management skills, bringing teams together, and creating a positive and motivating work environment.

Improving Sales Skills

We have training programs for sales teams and managers. Our goal is to make sure everyone understands business and what competitors are up to. We focus on products and aim to boost the sales skills of team throughout the entire sales process.

Delivering Outstanding Service

We provide special training sessions and practical courses for both customer service managers and frontline staff. Our programs equip employees with the skills needed to create excellent customer experiences and the knowledge related to this field.

Encouraging Creativity and New Ideas

Our training programs are all about making the workplace more creative and helpful. So that the team thinks and works in innovative ways. We cover different ideas like how to be more creative, design thinking, coming up with new products and ways of doing things, and ways to manage innovation.

Digital Skills Training

We provide various training courses led by experts to help employees understand and become aware of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, the IOT, big data, data analytics, and blockchain. We guide employees in exploring the advantages and potential uses of Web 3.0 technologies, making it easier for them to adopt these skills in different industries.

Building Stronger Teams

Our team-building activities focus on creating a sense of unity and bringing together cross-functional strengths to enhance team cooperation in a company. Through our programs, we guide teams towards achieving strategic goals by pooling resources, knowledge, and skills. We assist clients in developing team strategies, refining processes, improving interpersonal skills, and fostering collaborative proficiency.

Developing Essential Skills

We provide training in soft skills to boost employees' capabilities in line with business goals and personal aspirations. Our programs improve decision-making, organization, time management, assertiveness, stress management, and communication skills. We tailor our training to develop specific competencies for career growth in various roles.

Practical IT Training

Our IT systems training programs concentrate on building knowledge and skills in the hands-on use of process-oriented work and software systems. We offer detailed training and practice for every step involved in specific processes. These programs include system mapping, creating user manuals, and training labs to ensure employees get practical experience.

Enhancing Technical Skills

We conduct workshops to train employees in specialized technical skills needed in every industry. Our comprehensive training programs are led by experts in specific industries, covering topics essential for improving skills related to a particular job role or within a specific industry.

Building Internal Training Expertise

Our Train the Trainer programs focus on building internal training capabilities within your organization. Our trainers equip your employees to conduct training on specific topics using modern training skills and techniques. Additionally, we provide training content that internal trainers can use to train other employees.

Improving How You Sell Online

For sales and marketing teams in any industry, using digital and social media for selling is a big advantage. Our digital selling course is here to help both sales and marketing professionals get better at it, giving them a competitive edge. In this program, you'll learn hands-on with modern sales tools and get tips on how to boost your presence on social media.

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